• Trust is the most important ingredient in any relationship.
  • Worthy of trust, this requires integrity which means “soundness of moral principle”.
  • Build trust by listening, following through and keeping their word
  • Actively build relationships with all the constituencies of our business including clients, partners, communities, investors and fellow

Respect For People

  • Treat others fairly and consistently
  • Express opinion without intimidating others
  • Demonstrate belief in the abilities of others
  • Thank Coworkers when they help or deliver
  • Listen and respect others’ point of views
  • Show consideration for feelings of others
  • Establish open and trusting relationships


  • Understand our system and the duty of our role
  • Caring about our clients, our colleagues and our profession. We know how important it is to listen and to communicate. We strive to be good listeners and good communicators
  • Understand that when our clients understand us, when they know and see that we care about them, we will never be short of clients
  • Importance of personal character in every aspect of life

Standards of Excellence

  • Puts forward a large number of practical ideas and alternative solutions.
  • Self-motivated & knows how to energize him/herself.
  • Endurance; no stopping until the task is done.
  • Never leaves anything to chance, starts everything on the plan and finishes everything started.
  • Is decisive and action-oriented.
  • Keeps an open mind to new ideas, other views and opinions.
  • Is willing to try out actions to improve continuously.
  • Continuously seeks to beat previous best performance.


  • Communicates with other LEEDS members constructively.
  • Shares information with those to whom it might be useful.
  • Involves others when relevant.
  • Looks for win-win solutions when difference of opinion exists.
  • Listens actively.
  • Takes ownership of solving customers / colleagues’ problem.
  • Collaborator: emphasizes the overall purpose of the team.
  • Challenger: pushes the team to take reasonable risks.