Board of Directors

Mohamed Fares

Chairman and CEO

Mohamed Fares is the Chairman and CEO of LEEDS, the key founder of the company in 2010 and its leader since its spinoff from Raya in 2014.

Ayman Hussein

Board Member

Ayman Hussein, the Chairman of Sky Investments, holds a B.Sc , Cairo University specializing in Telecommunications Engineering in 1984.

Ahmed Shalash

Chief Operations Officer

Ahmed Shalash is LEEDS Contracting Chief Operations Officer. Until mid 2014, Shalash was Raya Smart Buildings’ Projects Director, responsible for all contracting operations of Raya buildings’ developments, as well as providing project management services for other companies.

Rania Gaafar

Board Member

With 20 years of experience in the finance, marketing, product development and general management, Rania Gaafar is the Business Director in Sky Investment and the board member in Raya Holding, Beltone Financial and Compass Capital.