LEEDS ECO team of professionals has unique experience in diverse technical contracting capabilities. The team’s scientifically-based knowhow in various disciplines, like HVAC and light current, results in efficient and timely technical advice. With a variety of experience and accomplishments, our quality employees are capable of delivering mega projects whether commercial or Industrial. Their mega projects capabilities are topped with a number of successfully delivered projects such as Galleria40 and Raya Offices. LEEDS ECO team pledges timely outcomes without compromising international-standards quality, a strategy that guarantees clients’ satisfaction every time.


LEEDS TFM is home to innovative teams of professionals that possess diverse technical talents. To ensure and uphold the highest quality standards, all employees are trained and evaluated in specific technical skills through development centers. LEEDS TFM uses specialist teams, held centrally for specific disciplines like HVAC and light current to provide technical advice. Furthermore, the company remains prepared for unexpected setbacks, through disaster recovery and emergency response teams as well as relief teams that are held centrally to cover voids and absents.

LEEDS Energy Team

With a team of high calibers of engineers and technicians, LEEDS Energy delivers international-grade energy solutions through highly skilled and expert specialists in the field of renewable energy and energy management. Recently introduced in Egypt, the concept of energy solutions is in its process of familiarity in the market and requires international expertise and know-how and quality-oriented calibers that ensures value to customers and that leads the industry into success in the Egyptian market.