Message from the Chairman

Being part of LEEDS since its inception, I look at our past growth with great pride and at our future potential with greater promise. As Egypt’s’ young and dynamic GREEN developer and service provider, LEEDS is keenly aware that as the company grows bigger, it also exerts a greater influence on industry and society. The nature of this influence stems from an organization's core values.

At LEEDS, we believe in real business ethics, integrity, transparency and absolute respect for the law. Positive impact, quality and efficiency ground everything we do. We aim for our business to serve as a benchmark for sustainability and to be a positive force in the society.

Since its establishment five years ago, LEEDS has never deviated from its strong corporate values, committed to a quadrant of strengths: Leadership, Engineering Excellence, Service Precision, and Customer Trust. Over the past year, LEEDS has expanded its reach within the market; offering a wide range of services. During this transitional year only, more than 350 new colleagues were hired through fair and open recruitment channels. Together, they form our most important asset, creating value in every business transaction. For that, we have pledged to provide them with not only well-paid jobs, but also with limitless learning as well as challenging and stimulating careers.

Corporate Social Responsibility is front and center alongside our business objectives and it will continue to pave the way to more promising future to our social surroundings. With environmental consciousness in mind, we actively provide customers with technological solutions that reduce power consumptions, and can turn their work offices into green environments.

Visualizing efficiency, quality and sustainability as sacred guides to every project, we shall continue to earn our clients‘ trust and our partners’ loyalty. Together, LEEDS will always have one eye on the future, staying ahead of the competition and ensuring next is now for its clients.

Mohamed A. Fares